Checkpoint im Gespräch

Checkpoint im Gespräch is an information evening for all MSM, trans people, people living with HIV and anyone else who is interested in the topic. Everyone is welcome.

There are many topics that concern or interest every single person in our community: Sexual health, HIV, social issues, politics and much more. Interesting guests who encourage you to discuss, ask questions and reflect over a glass of wine, beer or water in changing locations.

Checkpoint im Gespräch is a series of events on HIV and LGBT+ organised by Checkpoint Zurich, supported by Gilead. Admission is free.

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Christina Grube has been caring for people with HIV and Aids for over 30 years. Starting out in drug rehab and then working for 27 years in the HIV outpatient clinic at Zurich University Hospital, she came into contact with many realities and life stories of people with HIV. Today Christina works at EBPI and Checkpoint Zurich. In the interview with Roger Brändlin, Christina talks about her many years of experience and the encounters she has had and about what has improved for people with HIV in Switzerland since 1990 and what hurdles still exist.

Schwein gehabt!
Christina Grube
34 years in HIV care

20 February 2024,
19:00 – 20:00
Kino/Bar Houdini

Free admission. Limited number of seats.


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