Checkpoint im Gespräch

Checkpoint im Gespräch is an information evening for all MSM, trans people, people living with HIV and anyone else who is interested in the topic. Everyone is welcome.

There are many topics that concern or interest every single person in our community: Sexual health, HIV, social issues, politics and much more. Interesting guests who encourage you to discuss, ask questions and reflect over a glass of wine, beer or water in changing locations.

Checkpoint im Gespräch is a series of events on HIV and LGBT+ organised by Checkpoint Zurich, supported by Gilead. Admission is free.

Queer activism on social media

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Queer Activism on social media

A talk with Matt Bernstein

December 11, 2023, 7:00 pm, Comedyhaus Zurich

As one of the biggest queer activist accounts on Instagram Matt started off as an aesthetic photography account. After posting his unique make-up looks featuring important and thought-provoking messages and slogans around queer topics, his account blew up. He now has an important platform to raise awareness and spark dialogue on social and political issues affecting the queer community.

In his talk Matt will explore how he integrates social media as a tool for queer activism and to fight stigma around HIV and other important queer topics. He will share his insights on his inspiring and empowering work and how he deals with the backlash and criticism that often comes with speaking out.

Free admission Limited number of seats. This talk is in English. Tickets available on Eventfrog.


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