Drug checking for sexualised substance use

On the first Monday of every month, you can have your psychoactive substances that you want to use at sex parties, during chemsex or for a sex adventure tested free of charge and anonymously at Checkpoint. A cooperation offer by saferparty.ch and the Checkpoint.

How’s it going?



You can register anonymously by telephone or directly online (see below). Bookings for drug checking are only possible for the next upcoming date and cannot be made further in advance. The service is aimed exclusively at people who use or would like to use psychoactive substances for sex. If you would like to use substances for recreational drug use without sex, please use the offer on saferparty.ch.


On site

Please register at reception at the agreed time, you will then receive a waiting number and will be called with this number. Your anonymity is guaranteed, no one in the waiting room will be able to tell that you are there for drug checking.



You have a counselling interview with a professional who specialises in psychoactive substances. The interview is documented at the first visit to Drug Checking for Sexualised Substance Use by means of an anonymous questionnaire.



Your samples are tested qualitatively and quantitatively in a certified laboratory. For the analysis, a whole tablet, a whole felt or two knife tips (30-50mg) of a powder are needed. If you want to have amphetamine paste tested, we would like to ask you to dry it first. One substance per person can be handed in for analysis.



The results of the analysis can usually be requested online at saferparty.ch/resultat on Friday from 14:00 or by telephone on +41 44 415 76 46 (between 14:00 and 17:00). This requires the sample run number and the password agreed on site. If you no longer have this information, please call us on +41 44 415 76 46.

What do we offer?

You can talk to us about sex on drugs in a moral and value-free way. We will inform you about the effects and risks of psychoactive substances that you consume before or during sex or at parties and sensitise you to the possible consequences of your own consumption behaviour. Counselling allows for accurate information about dosage and ingredients, as well as the effects these ingredients can have on you as a consumer.

These substances can be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively (PDF)

The offer is anonymous and free of charge. A counselling interview is conducted with each person who submits a substance for analysis. A counselling interview is conducted with each person who submits a substance for analysis. The staff members are bound by professional secrecy.

Contact or questions?

Do you have any questions? We are also happy to advise you without analysis. Do you have questions about sexualised substance use, chemsex, their mechanisms of action, experiences of use, trends or the effects on your health? Or would you like to know more about the substances you use? Would you like to stabilise, reduce or completely stop your consumption during sex or in everyday life?

We will be happy to help you at chemsex@zuerich.ch

Book an appointment

Make an appointment for drug checking. Call or book an appointment directly online.

Call 044 455 59 10 to make an appointment for chemsex drug checking. The appointment is anonymous. A time slot and a password will be agreed. The password is requested before testing. Anonymity is guaranteed. Don’t worry, it is not obvious to other people in the waiting room that you are there for drug checking. Please come to the checkpoint as normal and register at reception.

To book an appointment online, fill in the mandatory fields with a pseudonym, for example. Leave your correct email/cell phone number only if you want to be informed about cancellations/postponements of your appointment. Otherwise, you will be informed on the spot and will not receive a confirmation email if your email address is anonymous. We ask for your understanding that bookings for drug checking are only possible for the next upcoming date and cannot be made further in advance.

Drug Checking

Drug checking for psychoactive substances you may want to consume at sex parties, during chemsex or for a sex adventure. Free of charge and anonymous. (Read more)

In collaboration with saferparty.ch
Exclusively for people who (want to) use psychoactive substances for sex.

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