Counselling for trans people

Our professional trans counselling offers general and psychological counselling for issues around gender, identity and transition.

Counselling for anyone dealing with the topic of “gender” on the following topics:

  • Identity: Who am I? What is gender? Am I trans?
  • Ways: How do I want to live? What are the possibilities for living my gender? What is the situation with medical gender reassignment measures? What does the health insurance cover? Who are competent professionals?
  • Coming out:How do I tell my parents, my partner, my superiors, my team?
  • Networking: Where can I meet other trans people?
  • Psychological support:If you simply need someone to talk to who knows and understands the topic, you are also in the right place.

Our counselling is free of charge and confidential and also possible completely anonymously. The first contact is made via e-mail: