Family Medicine / GP medicine

You want a family doctor?

We offer classical general medicine (GP medicine) for queer people and all others and practice high-quality & optimal medical care. Our senior physician Dr Brigitte Graf (pronoun: none/they/she) is a trained family doctor and has many years of practical experience. Brigitte is also a craniosacral and trauma therapist. A holistic medicine and a perception of the human being as a whole are very close to Brigitte’s heart.

Health insurance: The consultation can be billed via health insurance (or paid directly on site).

People in the health insurance family doctor model: With the following health insurance companies, you can choose us for the family doctor model in order to benefit from reduced premiums. Please apply for the change to the health insurance fund before your first visit.

Insurance partner Family doctor model
Aquilana Versicherungen CASAMED
Atupri HMO
Concordia HMO oder mydoc
CSS Gesundheitspraxisversicherung oder Hausartzversicherung Profit oder Multimed
Galenos (Visana Gruppe) Managed Care HMO
KK Birchmeier Hausarztsystem
KK Luzerner Hinterland HAUSMED
KLuG Krankenversicherung DOCMED
Kolping casamed hausarzt oder casamed hmo
Moove Sympany casamed hausarzt oder casamed hmo
Provita (Swica-Gruppe) MEDICASA NETZ PROVITA
sana24 (Visana Gruppe) Managed Care HMO
Sanitas NetMed
Sumiswalder Krankenkasse Family doctor model
Visana Managed Care HMO
vivacare (Visana Gruppe) Managed Care HMO
Vivao Sympany casamed hausarzt oder casamed hmo

Self-payers: Of course, you can also pay for your consultation in cash or by card directly on site.

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