Are you looking for an HIV test in Zurich? At the Checkpoint you can get anonymous counselling and a quick HIV test.

An HIV test with us can give you reliable information about your HIV status 6 weeks after your last risk situation. We offer both rapid HIV tests and laboratory tests. Both HIV tests are combined HIV 1 and 2 antibody tests of the 4th generation, which also detect the p24 antigen.

If necessary, we can advise you on risk behaviour and protection strategies.

When is the earliest you can take a test?

Our tests can provide initial data two weeks after a risk situation at the earliest. However, you will not get a definite result until six weeks after the risk situation. With a standard home test, which you can find in pharmacies or shops, you will only get a reliable result 12 weeks after the risk situation.

What do I have to do after a risk situation?

If you have been in a risky situation (anal intercourse without a condom or condom use with an HIV-positive person who is not on effective HIV treatment or a person whose HIV status you do not know), above all, do not waste time. HIV infection can be prevented in the first few hours by post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). PEP should be started as soon as possible within the first hours after a risk situation. The earlier you start, the better the chance that PEP will prevent infection. After 48 hours, the PEP no longer shows any effect. Here you can find emergency services for a PEP.

What is the difference between a rapid test and a laboratory test?

The HIV rapid test delivers results within twenty minutes. In contrast, a laboratory test takes about three days to get the result. The test itself is not slower, but the blood sample is sent to a laboratory and the result is then sent back.