HIV therapy

You live with HIV? We treat several hundred HIV clients. All doctors at Checkpoint Zurich have years of experience in treating HIV.

Checkpoint Zurich is a member of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study and other national and international research projects. Checkpoint Zurich is a competence centre in Switzerland for people living with HIV.

There are now so many substances available for antiretroviral therapy (ART) that a suitable combination with few side effects can be found for every patient. The efficacy and tolerability are monitored with progress controls. Under complete suppression of the viral load, the HI virus is no longer transmitted. This means: HIV-positive people under successful therapy with a non-detectable viral load cannot pass on the virus sexually.

Die Vorteile eines HIV-Kunden bei Checkpoint Zürich:

  • You have the choice of five doctors with many years of experience and competence in HIV and infectiology
  • Our clinic is located directly at Zurich main station
  • All treatments are always carried out according to the latest scientific findings
  • We attach great importance to a personal patient-doctor relationship and thus to a main responsible medical caregiver
  • We are part of an international network of research, clinics and community
  • Our doctors know the LGBT+ world and do not hold preconceived opinions and prejudices
  • We are a study center for the Swiss HIV cohort Study, and participate in further research projects
  • You will find in-house psychotherapeutic and peer-to-peer support
  • Your treatment can take place in German, English, Italian or Spanish
  • We offer you appointments also outside the regular opening hours

Whether you are new to HIV or have lived with HIV for a long time, we are here for you! Please call for an appointment: 044 455 59 10

Antiretroviral therapy is now always recommended after diagnosis. This not only prevents damage to the immune system by the HI virus, but also reduces the harmful effect that the virus has on other organs, such as the heart, kidneys and brain. In most cases, a combination of three medicines is used; in the simplest case, the three active substances are combined in a single tablet that is taken once a day. However, a therapy is always decided individually and takes many aspects into account. Taking the tablets is now only occasionally dependent on food intake. A cure for HIV has only been achieved in a very few individual cases worldwide. However, research in this regard has shown ever more progress in recent years.

People with HIV on therapy can achieve the same life expectancy as people without HIV if treatment is started in time, especially if risk factors for premature ageing of the cardiovascular system are avoided (no smoking, treatment of high blood pressure). Sex with HIV-positive people on effective therapy is safe.