Mobile Prevention Team

We are where you party, dance and flirt.

There are people who do not dare to go to the checkpoint. Others may not have the opportunity or time or even know that we exist. For all these people, we come to where you spend your free time and offer you the opportunity to be tested and advised on the most common sexually transmitted infections. Anonymous and uncomplicated.

Why do we often show up where you’re partying and put a condom in your hand?

Because HIV is still an issue and it also partly helps against other STIs. But mainly to have a conversation with you. Ask us your questions on all topics related to sexual health.

Why can’t you test yourself often enough?

Because sexually transmitted infections are still on the rise. Furthermore, we know that a lot of MSM do not notice any symptoms even though they have one or more bacterial infections and can pass them on. So protect yourself, your partners and the health of the community and get tested when we are on site.

Supporters of mobile testing:

Impressions from our prevention team

When during Corona all bars and clubs had to close temporarily, we were there for you:

Become a Community Health Worker now!

We are where others celebrate. As a Community Health Worker you will be out and about in Zurich’s nightlife together with other freelancers for Checkpoint mobil. During our mobile outreaches in the midst of the dazzling party life, we provide information and advice on all aspects of sexual health. Are you a communicative, open-minded personality who enjoys working for the community? Then we look forward to hearing from you.