Fuck you, Corona.

Get tested now

You probably had sex during the first Corona wave. You don’t have to hide or be ashamed of it. Many of us have reduced or changed our sex activities. And now is the perfect time for an HIV and STI check. Because Covid-19 represents an exciting opportunity in the fight against HIV, which is rarely offered. Because fewer people in Switzerland have had sex in recent months, HIV has also been able to spread less. In addition, you probably had fewer risk situations because you may have given up sex altogether, lived monogamously or had less sex in general. Or maybe you have had sex much more often and do not dare to get tested. Regardless of how your sex life looked during Corona, now is a good time to get tested. So that you know your status.

Opportunity for a restart

If everyone can get tested and know their own HIV status, we can all make the right health decisions to take care of ourselves and others. People who test positive can start medication immediately. Or you may discover another STD, such as syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhea, which you can treat immediately.

It may also be a good opportunity to start PrEP now, at a time when things are a bit quieter, so that you have all the necessary talks and tests done as soon as you want to get back on track. We again have free dates for PrEP initial consultations.

Corona & Sex

Sex should be fun. Even in times of Corona, there is no need to do without sex – after all, for many people it is an important factor in their physical and mental well-being. But also think about your health.

You can get infected with the corona virus wherever people come into close contact with it. So when you have sex, you are at a high risk because of the closeness and contact – no matter what kind of sex practice you have.
The risk is increased if several people meet in a confined space; this also applies if several people meet privately for sex.
It is still unclear whether the coronavirus is sexually transmitted in the narrower sense, for example via sperm or vaginal fluid or contact with the urethra during oral sex. An initial study has now found that some people also carry the new corona virus in their sperm. However, it is not yet clear how high the likelihood of infection through semen is.
The best way to reduce the risk is to have sex only with yourself or not to be near your partner* during sex – this is the case with telephone sex or online sex, for example. Having sex with partners with whom you live in the same household and have physical contact in any case does not increase the risk.
If you have sex with other people with physical contact, reducing the number of partners* lowers the risk.

Stay home

We have developed our home kits so that you can carry out your HIV and STI tests, including PrEP progression monitoring, from the comfort of your own home. With CHECKPOINT@home you can also do your routine tests at home. Home sampling includes tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonococcus as well as additional blood analyses for PrEP clients*.