Corona vaccination

Always stay informed about Covid 19 vaccination with us.

Yes, please inform me as soon as dates for Covid 19 vaccination are available….

Signing up for our email list does not guarantee a vaccination appointment. However, we will inform you as soon as we have vaccine available and an appointment can be booked.

We are all impatient. That’s why we try to inform you as transparently as possible about the progress of the Corona vaccinations at Checkpoint Zurich.

Phase 1

We occasionally offer our high-risk clients an appointment


Phase 2

We vaccinate our clients with a high risk


Phase 3

We offer a limited number of vaccinations

In planning

Phase 4

We have enough vaccinations for all interested

In planning

Currently active: Phase 2

From 29 March 2021, we will be able to vaccinate more at-risk clients. The clients concerned will be notified by email and invited to a vaccination appointment.

Vaccination situation Canton Zurich

We are well prepared and are waiting for further vaccine deliveries in order to be able to offer vaccination to all our clients at Checkpoint Zurich as soon as possible, in accordance with the vaccination strategy of the Canton of Zurich.

The Canton of Zurich started vaccinating at the beginning of the year in the Centre for Travel Medicine at Hirschengraben. At the moment, due to the limited amount of vaccine and delivery delays, it is not possible to register for the Corona vaccination. Please check the website of the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich regulary.