HIV & STI tests for home use

With CHECKPOINT@home you can also carry out your routine tests at home. Home sampling includes tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonococcus as well as additional blood analyses for PrEP clients*. CHECKPOINT@home is a pilot project and we are constantly developing the project further. Note: The service is not suitable for people who already have symptoms of STI. Please book an appointment on site.

That’s how it works:


Order test Order your desired Homekit online and pay directly with your credit card.


Homekit received by post We deliver the Homekit to the post office on the same day for orders placed before 12 noon. The delivery via mail currently takes about 3-4 working days.


Send your samples to the laboratory After you have taken your samples (blood/swabs), send them to our laboratory in the enclosed pre-franked return envelope. Instructions are enclosed.


Receive results by text message You receive your results by test message. If the results are positive, we will arrange a treatment appointment with you directly. PrEP clients also receive a telephone call from our doctors.

How do I do the sampling?

Our video instructions show you step by step how to take the samples at home. The package also includes detailed written instructions.

Video instructions blood collection

Video instructions male genitalia swabs

Video instructions female genitalia swabs