Living with HIV

At Checkpoint Zurich we are specialised in the needs of people living with HIV. We care for several hundred clients living with HIV and offer other services related to HIV infection.


HIV therapy

We are a medical competence centre in Switzerland for people living with HIV.

Positive Life

Together with people living with HIV, Aids-Hilfe Schweiz is initiating Positive Life. Positive Life asks questions and seeks answers.

Appointment for HIV therapy?

Whether you are newly infected with HIV or have been living with HIV for a long time, we are there for you and accompany you in your therapy!

Our doctors


Benjamin Hampel he/him
Chief physician, Co-director CPZH
Member of the Executive Board Arud

Dr. med. Kerstin Wissel she/her
Senior physician

Dr. med. Flavian Ruff he/him
Senior physician

Dr. med. Brigitte Graf keine/they/sie
Family doctor

Hadrien Komaromi he/him
Senior physician

Malela Kalubi she/her
Senior physician

Elena Heizmann she/her
Assistant physician

Regina Widmer she/her
Assistant physician

Paul Halm he/him
Assistant physician

Dr. med. Oriane Lacour she/her
Assistant physician

Darius Müller he/him
Assistant physician