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Here you will find everything for your health under one roof.

As different as the realities of life of and people are, as interdisciplinary is our approach. In the end, you will be well and professionally looked after.


Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea

Swabs for chlamydia & gonorrhoea. Both are among the most common sexually transmitted infections.

Coming out

Counselling for people before or in the process of coming out

Drug Checking

Free and anonymous drug checking for sexualised substance use

Free test for u25

Free tests & counselling for sexually transmitted infections for people from the city of Zurich up to 25 years of age.


Guide for health professionals on administrative and insurance issues

HIV therapy

We are a medical competence centre in Switzerland for people living with HIV.


HIV rapid test or laboratory test. Both are possible from six weeks after risk contact.

Information material

Important information materials on sexual health and other topics for further reading

Mpox (monkeypox)

The Mpox virus is transmitted through close contact. In most cases, it heals without problems. In some cases, however, complications can arise.


Don’t waste time after an HIV risk situation. The earlier you start, the better the chance that PEP can prevent HIV infection.

Positive Life

Together with people living with HIV, Aids-Hilfe Schweiz is initiating Positive Life. Positive Life asks questions and seeks answers.


PrEP is a medication that, when used correctly, protects against HIV infection just as well as condoms.


We stand up for fair prices. We offer a variety of tests, here is a selection of the most common prices.


Celebrate with us at Zurich Pride


Laboratory test for syphilis and follow-up after syphilis infection.

Trans Best Practice

Best Practice Report on the best possible trans-inclusive, low-threshold and comprehensive health care for trans people.

Trans Medicine

Comprehensive medical care for trans people, incl. Hormone therapy.

Treatment, Infectiology

Our doctors are professionals in the field of infectious diseases, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.