We offer a variety of tests such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia. In addition, you can also have spontaneous vaccinations and PrEP follow-up checks carried out at our clinic. All tests and treatments can also be carried out anonymously.

Test offers

Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea

Swabs for chlamydia & gonorrhoea. Both are among the most common sexually transmitted infections.

Drug Checking

Free and anonymous drug checking for sexualised substance use


HIV rapid test or laboratory test. Both are possible from six weeks after risk contact.

Medical services

Our doctors are professionals in the field of infectious diseases, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.


After an HIV risk situation, you have 48 hours to start PEP. It reliably protects you from HIV infection.


PrEP is a medication that, when used correctly, protects against HIV infection just as well as condoms.


Laboratory test for syphilis and follow-up after syphilis infection.

Procedure consultation


You draw a ticket and wait until you are called.


We record your data at the Intake – this is also possible anonymously.


A counsellor will call you with your number.


You discuss with the counsellor which tests you would like to take. The counsellor carries out the tests directly on site.


You pay for your tests at the Intake or through your health insurance and leave the checkpoint again.


You will receive your test results by SMS, e-mail or telephone within three working days at the latest.


We recommend that you make an online appointment. This will shorten your waiting time on site. Please expect that there may be waiting times despite having an appointment. However, clients with an appointment are given priority over walk-in clients.

Yes, we offer a variety of other tests. Discuss with your counsellor what you need.

We ask you to be there at least 30 minutes before the checkpoint closes. After that we cannot guarantee that we will have a free date for you.

Yes, from experience, Monday, Friday and Sunday are the busiest days. There are also many clients right at the beginning of opening hours, over lunch and shortly before closing.