Real Risks of the Online World

Have you ever wondered if your dating app behaviour is still healthy? For the clinical study on the impact of dating apps on our mental and sexual health, we are looking for 50 people living with HIV who use dating apps regularly


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Are dating apps harmful to health?

Impact on mental health and cognition?

We want to find out whether your previous lifestyle has influenced your thoughts, feelings and cognition, i.e. your attention and concentration.

Substance use?

We want to find out if there is a link between dating apps and problematic substance use, including chemsex.

Impact on sexual health?

Do dating apps have an impact on sexual health and STIs?

What is it about?

We investigate whether problematic use of dating apps has a negative impact on the mental and sexual health of the community.

All participants go through various interviews and questionnaires, as well as a computer game to measure cognition by trained psychological staff from the RealRisks team. They ask how you’ve been lately, what your experiences are with dating apps and substance use. In addition, we take hair and urine samples (voluntary). The examination takes about 90 minutes. The first part consists of a questionnaire that you can answer from the comfort of your own home. The second part of the study takes place at Checkpoint Zurich. If desired, feedback on the examination results will be sent at the end of the study (psychiatric, cognition, memory, attention, hair analyses).

Don’t worry, everyone involved in the RealRisks team is bound by professional secrecy. Personal data will neither be published nor passed on and will only be kept anonymously. Your data cannot be linked to your person.

Contact or questions?

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The study is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Gilead Sciences and is a collaboration with SwissPrEPared