Medical treatment

Our doctors can advise you on questions about your sexuality, if you want to take PrEP or need to be treated for a sexually transmitted infection. Uncomplicated and confidential. They are specialised in queer health issues.


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For an appointment with one of our doctors, please make an appointment by phone.

+41 44 455 59 10



Benjamin Hampel he/him
Senior physician, Medical Director
Member of the Executive Board Arud

Dr. med. Kerstin Wissel she/her
Senior physician

Dr. med. Flavian Ruff he/him
Senior physician

Dr. med. Brigitte Graf she/none
Senior physican, family doctor

Hadrien Komaromi he/him
Senior physician

Dr. med. Malela Kalubi she/her
Senior physician

Elena Heizmann she/her
Assistant physician

Regina Widmer she/her
Assistant physician

Paul Halm he/him
Assistant physician

Oriane Lacour she/her
Assistant physician

Giulietta Mila Laffers she/her
Medical Secretary

Gianna Fetz she/her
Medical Secretary