Medical treatment

Our doctors can advise you on questions about your sexuality, if you want to take PrEP or need to be treated for a sexually transmitted infection. Uncomplicated and confidential. They are specialised in queer health issues.


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Procedure consultation


You make an appointment with a doctor


You draw a ticket and wait until you are called


We record your data at the Intake.


The doctor will call you with your number.


The doctor takes care of your concerns and treats you.


You bill through your health insurance or pay for your tests at Intake and leave the checkpoint again.



Benjamin Hampel he/him
Chief physician, Co-director CPZH
Member of the Executive Board Arud

Dr. med. Kerstin Wissel she/her
Senior physician

Dr. med. Flavian Ruff he/him
Senior physician

Dr. med. Brigitte Graf none/they/sie
Family doctor

Hadrien Komaromi he/him
Senior physician

Malela Kalubi she/her
Senior physician

Paul Halm he/him
Assistant physician

Dr. med. Oriane Lacour she/her
Assistant physician

Dr. med. Darius Müller he/him
Assistant physician

Yasmin Salem she/her
Assistant physician

Andy Lörtscher dey/none
Assistant physician