Free PrEP checks for all under 25s

From 1 July, we are offering everyone under 25 the opportunity to have all PrEP checks at Checkpoint Zurich free of charge. And that includes consultation, all necessary laboratory tests and regular progress checks every three months. (PrEP medication must still be paid for by the patient). The offer is valid as long as availability and only for participation in the SwissPrEPared programme.

Young people in particular often cannot afford PrEP, and we want to contribute with our offer so that young people can also afford another safer sex method in addition to condoms and have easier access.

Interested in the free PrEP check?

Please sign up for the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as we have a free date for you. Some appointment slots have also been reserved for under-25s so you don’t have to wait too long to start PrEP.

Are you already a PrEP client?
Then please talk to your counsellor or doctor at the next follow-up.

Further information on PrEP: PrEP at Checkpoint Zurich