Zurich Pride 2023

Tent on the premises

The Zurich Pride Festival took place at the Kasernenareal. We were on site with a fixed location at the festival area and offered free HIV tests in a large tent. By being present on the festival grounds, on both days,we enabled access to testing for as large astarget group as large as possible. The Checkpoint staff, drag queens and friends of the Checkpoint were present on the grounds and around the tent on both days. The Physicians, psychologists and consultants were available to answer questions.

Floats at the parade

The parade will be held on Saturday, 17 June 2023 in the city centre of Zurich. The route runs from Helvetiaplatz, over Stauffacher, through Bahnhofstrasse, over Sihlbrücke and ended in Müllerstrasse.

Achtung B. and Novilon played their sets on our float.


Checkpoint Zurich held a panel discussion the week before Pride to discuss the needs of lesbians and queers. In the talk, the speakers explored together what the women-loving community has in terms of needs, desires, concerns for their sexual health.

“Sexual Health for Lesbians & Queers”

Dr Brigitte Graf, General Practitioner, Dr Viola Forkl, Gynaecologist, Mona Läuchli, Psychotherapist, Alessandra Widmer, LOS, Tanja Walliser, Moderator

Supporters and sponsors