Gender-affirming care in switzerland

Guide for health professionals on administrative and technical insurance issues

This guide is intended for health professionals who accompany (adult) clients during gender reassignment. It provides a holistic overview of insurance and administrative issues as well as useful recommendations and advice on gender reassignment.

We have chosen wording that is inclusive of all gender identities. The notation with a gender star (“*”) also includes persons who do not find themselves in a binary gender identity. The use of gender-neutral plural forms and pronouns such as “xier” or “sier” follows the same logic.

Since this topic is relatively complex from a legal and administrative point of view and the individual situation of each patient should be assessed individually, it is not possible within the framework of this brochure to fully address and answer all questions on the topic of gender reassignment. The information and sample letters here should therefore serve as a complement to an exchange between health professionals and organisations/foundations working in this field.

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Translated by Checkpoint Zurich; the original French document is by Sylvan Berrut and Yannick Forney of Pôle Trans des Checkpoint Vaud of the PROFA Foundation.