We stand up for fair prices. We offer a variety of tests, here is a selection of the most common prices.

Unfortunately, regular STI tests can no longer be charged to the health insurance fund with immediate effect. All other services such as PrEP check-ups, HIV checks and all services with our doctors are still possible via health insurance.

Our prices include a consultation with a nurse and the return of the findings by e-mail/SMS/online system. These prices are only valid for self-payers and cannot be submitted to the health insurance. For health insurance clients, the official Swiss analysis prices apply, but regular STI tests cannot be submitted to the health insurance.

Billing Medical Services Physicians
When our doctors submit a bill, they apply the uniform TARMED tariff throughout Switzerland. Each service is assigned a certain number of tax points depending on the time required, the difficulty and the infrastructure required. As a guideline, our doctors charge about CHF 3.30 per minute of treatment. Medical services rendered can be invoiced via the health insurance fund. You are welcome to request a cost estimate for an appointment by email or ask your doctor in person.

Self-payer or health insurance?

Not all benefits can be submitted to the health insurance fund.


All services can be paid for directly on site. If you pay directly on site (cash or card), we can offer you favourable laboratory costs. Because we want tests for STI to be as cheap as possible so that everyone can afford their tests. The price table above refers to our self-pay prices. After the test or treatment, you pay directly on the spot and do not receive any further bills afterwards. However, this treatment may not be submitted – even subsequently – to the health insurance fund.

Health insurance

All services – except STI tests – can be submitted to the health insurance (PrEP start, PrEP course, HIV course and all services provided by our doctors). If you would like to submit our services to your health insurance company, we will be happy to invoice your health insurance company directly. The service is split into two invoices: one invoice includes our service, the other invoice includes the laboratory costs. The costs for this are more expensive because we use the official analysis prices and Tarmed prices of Switzerland here.